by John Sebastian Gorumba

Across the world, the recently dead rise and attack the living. Within forty-eight

hours, civilization has collapsed. The dead behave erratically-some are mindless,

ranting animals. Some are slow and stupid, while others are swift and cunning.

Sometimes, it is impossible to tell the living from the dead. There is no place to run,

nowhere to hide, and the living soon become far more dangerous than the undead.


As New Orleans burns, a father struggles to save his newborn son

from any of a hundred unimaginable fates, all the while fighting to

hold on to what is left of his own humanity.


World in Red is an unflinching and unpredictable excursion into horror,

a terrifying journey that honors the conventions of the zombie genre while

turning them upside down and ripping out their guts.



"Almost unbearably bleak, World in Red is a can't-miss debut from newcomer

John Gorumba. Harrowing and unapologetically brutal, this is a

hardcore zombie book for hardcore horror fans."


Blu Gilliand, October Country


"If, at the end of the first chapter, you think you know how this story is going to play out, you're wrong. If, after you finish the last page you haven't found yourself shaken to

the core, check to make sure you still have a heartbeat. This is how it's done, folks. This is how you tell a horror story in the 21st century. John Sebastian Gorumba's World in Red is savagely cruel, but beneath the violence is a profound understanding of how easy it

is to lose one's humanity in our modern world. I can't wait to see where Gorumba

goes from here, because this guy knows how to deliver the scares, World in Red

is a can't-miss debut from newcomer John Gorumba."


Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Apocalypse of the Dead


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About the Author


John Gorumba puts his dementia on paper instead of the street and

we thank him for it. He resides in an undisclosed location in the

swamps of Louisiana with his terrified wife and children.

This is his first novel.





"These guys know more about the undead than I do...and that's saying something, because I've been hanging out with zombies

for as long as I can remember."