by Nate Southard

Millwood was a good place to be when the dead rose. Small,

isolated, easy to defend. The survivors there forged a community,

weathered what came, and began to prosper.


But then they ran out of food.


Now, Millwood is sending five men to the neighboring town of Rundberg,

a place ruled by three thousand living dead, to find

enough food to save their community.


Five against three thousand? They don't stand a chance.




"Nate Southard's Scavengers has got everything fans of the zombie genre crave: huge cannibalistic crowds of the undead, violent, almost continuous action, mounting paranoia and dread... Not since Richard Matheson have we had a writer so adept at dangling the average American guy on the end of a rope so we can watch him twitch and turn in the wind."


Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Flesheaters



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About the Author


Nate Southard is the writer of Red Sky, Just Like Hell, Broken Skin, He Stepped Through, and the graphic novels Drive and A Trip to Rundberg. His short stories have appeared in such venues as Cemetery Dance, Thuglit, and numerous anthologies. Nate lives in Austin with his girlfriend

and a quartet of lazy pets. He is currently hard at work on his next novel. Nate's a friendly

kinda guy, and he welcomes communication with readers.

You can learn more at





"These guys know more about the undead than I do...and that's saying something, because I've been hanging out with zombies

for as long as I can remember."