by Martin Mundt

Jett Ahrens has just joined the Zombie Division of the Census Bureau, hoping for a dull, uncomplicated job counting the country’s newest citizens—the Living Dead. Y’know: Zombies, Rotters, Grave Potatoes, but don’t call them any of those names. They’re Reanimated Americans, and

they aren’t anything like their cinematic counterparts—they don’t eat your flesh or want

your brains. They just… stand around. Loitering. Stinking up the place.


Easy enough, yeah, but one of Jett’s partners might be a little nuts, and then there’s the serial re-killer going around town and setting walking dead folks on fire. Not to mention the Red Death Gang transforming the undead into works of art. Or the pair of psychotic cops

tracking the serial re-killer and wreaking havoc of their own. 


Or the nasty secret Jett keeps in a rental storage unit…


A biting satire about how civilization might cope with its most popular boogieman,

Reanimated Americans by Martin Mundt will send a chill down the spines of

zombie-lovers and bureaucracy-fearers everywhere.



"Martin Mundt is a nasty, warped, zero-temperature so-and-so who can’t put two words together without first snickering, then slitting their throats. This guy is far too

hip for his own good. No wonder reading him is such a pleasure."


Peter Straub, author of A Dark Matter and The Talisman (with Stephen King)


"With Reanimated Americans, author Martin Mundt has created a malignant masterpiece. Like a literary mad scientist armed with diabolical narrative skill and a mordant sense of humor, Mundt manages to mash up the zombie mythos with both mayhem and Swiftian satire. Reanimated Americans is a must-read for undead-heads of all persuasions, slithering from laugh-out-loud sequences to gut-wrenching gore with the greatest of ease.

Highly recommended!"


Jay Bonansinga, National Bestselling author of Perfect Victim, Pinkerton’s War

and co-author of The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor


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About the Author


Martin Mundt has published two collections of short stories: The Dark Underbelly of Hymns with Delirium Books and The Crawling Abattoir with Twilight Tales Publications, as well as a novella, The Cranston Gibberer, with Bad Moon Books. He founded the webzine in 2004. His play, The Jackie Sexknife Show, was produced by the Crooked Twilight Theatre Company in

Chicago in 2003. Several of his short stories have received Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies. He won the Flash Fiction contests at the World Horror

Conventions in 2005 and 2006 with stories that cannot be read in front of children.


He can be found in cyberspace at





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"These guys know more about the undead than I do...and that's saying something, because I've been hanging out with zombies

for as long as I can remember."