by Gregory Lamberson

Boone and Walker are the last members of the Floating Dragons motorcycle gang. When the

zombie apocalypse turns the world upside down, they hit the open road to discover America.

No responsibilities, no rules, no system. Like Frank and Jesse James, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, all they need are steeds and sidearms. But this bloodstained road is paved with

the walking dead: shambling corpses starved for living flesh. The few humans left are no

less hungry, and Boone and Walker encounter remnants of civilization desperate to survive.

In some cases, the living are even more dangerous than the dead. First west to Hollywood

to gaze at the stars, then southeast to the badlands of Texas, Boone and Walker make a

last stand on behalf of humanity. Along the way guns blaze, rotting flesh bakes on the

asphalt, and friendship and loyalty are tested to their limits.


Carnage Road is Gregory Lamberson’s unforgettable ode to westerns,

biker pictures, and the cinema of the living dead.




"...[B]leak and beautiful, a brain-splattering zombie thriller that is at its core a paean

to the power of friendship, even in a dead world. ...[T]aut zombie action, scathing

social commentary, and a suitably nihilistic ending. Zombie fans are in for

one easy ride through the apocalypse."


Library Journal, starred review




"Gregory Lamberson is the sort of force that dark fantasy and horror are lucky to have."






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About the Author


Gregory Lamberson is a masterful juggler of realities. He is the director of four feature films, including the cult classic Slime City and its recent sequel Slime City Massacre, as well as an accomplished author of several horror novels, including Personal Demons, Johnny Gruesome, and The Frenzy Way. While he has dealt with voodoo zombies in Desperate Souls and the upcoming Tortured Spirits,

he has never ventured into the world of flesh-eaters created by Russo and Romero until now. 

It’s a bleak place, and he wouldn’t want to live there; still, there may yet be stories of Boone

and Walker to be written. Visit Lamberson at, or on Facebook or Twitter.




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"These guys know more about the undead than I do...and that's saying something, because I've been hanging out with zombies

for as long as I can remember."