"These guys know more about the undead than I do...and that's saying something, because I've been hanging out with zombies

for as long as I can remember."

Mason James Cole

Pray To Stay Dead by Mason James Cole

In 1974, through the dusty black roads of Northern California, five kids take a road

trip they will never forget...if they can survive. This  zombie/grindhouse mashup will defy your expectations and test your limits.



"Great...The action is non-stop and uncompromising, the gore is heaped on by the bucketful, and, best of all, the emotion is real...I'd hazard a guess that [Cole]

was a pitcher in another life, because he has a wicked curveball...[Pray

To Stay Dead] takes its place among the genre's best."


                                                                        Blu Gilliand, October Country

Nate Southard

Escaping the undead was the simple part. Feeding a colony of survivors is proving

much harder for the residents of Millwood. Their last hope is sending five men to

forage for supplies in another town, one forsaken to the undead.



"Nate Southard's Scavengers has got everything fans of the zombie genre crave:

huge cannibalistic crowds of the undead, violent, almost continuous action, mounting paranoia and dread...Not since Richard Matheson have we had

a writer so adept at dangling the average American guy on the end

of a rope so we can watch him twitch and turn in the wind."


                          Joe McKinney, author of Dead City

Scavengers by Nate Southard

John Sebastian Gorumba

Without explanation, the recently dead rise and attack the living. There are no rules  — the dead may be slow and stupid, swift and cunning, or maelstroms of madness and destruction. In the span of forty-eight hours, civilzation collapses. 



As New Orleans burns, two lifelong friends struggle to save a newborn

child from an unimaginable fate, all the while fighting to hold on to

what is left of their own humanity. 



Gregory Lamberson

Boone and Walker are the last members of the Floating Dragons motorcycle gang. When the zombie apocalypse turns the world upside down, they hit the open road to discover America. First west to Hollywood to gaze at the stars, then southeast to the badlands of Texas, Boone and Walker make a last stand on behalf of humanity. Along the way guns blaze, rotting flesh bakes on the asphalt, and friendship and loyalty are tested to their limits.


Carnage Road is Gregory Lamberson’s unforgettable ode to westerns, biker pictures, and the cinema of the living dead.

Joe McKinney

America is divided. A massive wall has been constructed to separate Free America, where life is as normal as it ever was, from the regions of Texas

and the Gulf Coast populated by millions of the flesh-eating dead and

the hopeless survivors they hunt—the so-called Forgotten. With so much

desperate hunger, the equilibrium afforded by the wall can not hold, and

there are rumors of a secret passage from the Quarantine Zone

into Free America.



But in the Quarantine Zone, every scrap, morsel, and movement has

a price, and the only thing that comes easy is death.



Martin Mundt

Jett Ahrens has just joined the Zombie Division of the Census Bureau, hoping for a dull, uncomplicated job counting the country’s newest citizens—the Living Dead, but don’t call them any of those names. They’re Reanimated Americans—they don’t eat your flesh or want your brains.


Easy enough, but one of Jett’s partners might be a little nuts, and then there’s the serial re-killer going around town and setting walking dead folks on fire. Not to mention the Red Death Gang transforming the undead into works of art. Or the pair of psychotic cops tracking the serial re-killer and wreaking havoc of their own. 


Or the nasty secret Jett keeps in a rental storage unit…



"Martin Mundt is a nasty, warped, zero-temperature so-and-so who can’t put two words together without first snickering, then slitting their throats. This guy is far too hip for his own good. No wonder reading him is such a pleasure."


                          Peter Straub, author of A Dark Matter

                          and The Talisman (with Stephen King)